Check mobile signal

For your gateway to be able to connect with the ARNIA server, there needs to be 2G/3G mobile phone coverage at the apiary. To check if you have coverage and sufficient signal strength, please do the following ;

  • With your mobile phone, check in the apiary if you have any signal and what the signal strength is indicated by the number of bars on your phone screen.

Between -90dB and -70dB indicates adequate signal strength. Using a 2G/3G high gain antenna with SMA plug, may help in some area’s to boost the signal.

  • Use a smartphone to download the ‘OpenSignal’ app. This app enables you to see if there is any 3G coverage in your apiary and/or where the mobile phone towers are located. You can use Google-maps to find out the exact coordinates (LAT/LON) or use the apiary postcode to see the likelihood of any signal in your area.
  • Check with a local provider if your apiary’s location is within coverage