Check your hive scale or hive monitor is working

When you log in to your account and your hive icon is greyed out, or you are not sure if your (scale) monitor has uploaded it’s data recently, you can check a number of things.

Check if your hive (scale) monitor is communicating with your gateway

  • log in to your account with your username and password
  • select the ‘settings’ cog in the right hand corner
  • click on the monitors tab in the settings menu

The overview of your monitors shows you the ‘last contact time’ for each of your monitors.  it shows when your monitor last logged in, and when the last time was your monitor send it’s data to the gateway. It also shows you the last time the gateway logged in to send data to the Arnia server. This should be within the last 24 hours.

Monitor Tab

​If the ‘last contact time’ of either monitor or gateway is not in the last 24 hours, you will need to check your hardware.

Check your hardware

If your monitor has not logged in recently, you can check the following ;

  • Check that the power and data cables are intact and not trapped.
  • Check that the cable connectors are secure in place and not loose.
  • Check the batteries in the monitor and gateway  have sufficient voltage . If needed, replace the batteries. (Read : Change Batteries)
  • Restart your monitor by taking the batteries out for 30 seconds and put them in again. Observe the LED at startup to check the monitor is logging in (Read : Hive Scale Monitor LED flashing )
  • Check your gateway is working (Read : Check your gateway is working )

If you have checked the above, and your monitor is not updating on the user interface or ‘last contact time’ is not updated , please contact  Arnia Support