Check your Gateway has connected to the network after power up.

After installing and power up the gateway will appear in your user interface. If the gateway does not show up, or does not appear to connect to the Arnia server, there are a number of things you can check.

Check the following;

  • Check your gateway is working by following the instructions in the article ‘Check your gateway is working
  • Insert batteries the correct way and check the LED is flashing. Read : Gateway LED flashing
  • Check the antenna is connected properly and pointing upwards
  • If LED turns RED, the gateway cannot find a cell network to connect to, contact Arnia Support by using the ‘Create Ticket’ option below
  • if LED turns green, but after checking if your gateway connects in the monitor tab of your account the gateway still does not show up contact
  • NOTE : after appearing on the website, it can take up to 24 hours for updates to appear.