Check your graphs have updated

When your graphs do not show any data or have not updated recently, you can check a number of things.

Check the following;

  1. check the date range you have selected.
    • Go to  settings -> graph settings tab of your account.
    • if the data is too old and outside the data range of your graphs, it does not show up. Change the date range to e.g. last week and graph again.
  2. Check if  your  gateway has logged in recently.​
    • Go to settings -> monitors
    • look at the ‘last contact time’ for your gateway. This will tell you if your gateway has logged in recently.
    • Read : Check my gateway is working
  3. check your (scale) monitor  has associated recently with your gateway.

If you have checked the above, and your graphs are not updating on the user interface or ‘last contact time’ is not updated , please contact  Arnia Support.