LED not flashing when inserting or re-inserting the batteries.

When powering up the gateway or hive (scale) monitor, the LED’s inside the box should start flashing. If LED’s do not flash or light up, check the following:

  • batteries are inserted in the right orientation. The plus side on the red tab, the negative side on the black, as per sticker on the battery holder.
  • batteries have sufficient voltage (over 4.5V).
  • in case of using an external battery, check the connection and voltage.
  • Check for water ingress or leakage from the batteries.

For details on LED flashing sequence,

Read : Gateway LED flashing

Read : Hive Scale Monitor LED flashing

If the LED is not flashing on the circuit board, or if flashes red please contact Arnia Support by using the ‘Support Tickets’ button below.

Support Tickets