Queen Status

The brood nest temperature is of extreme importance to the colony and a good indicator if there is a laying queen present. The honey bees maintain the brood nest temperature between 32C and 35C to ensure the brood develops normally. Reviewing the brood temperature gives you an indication on the queen status and if a hive inspection is required.

If the brood temperature becomes unstable, starts to vary or drop – this shows that the bees have stopped thermo regulating the brood area. Possible causes for unstable brood temperature are:

  • the queen has stopped laying
  • colony is queen-less.
  • the brood temperature sensor may no longer be in the centre of the cluster as it migrates from side to side.

We would recommend a physical inspection of the hives. When inspecting the hive always check that the brood temperature sensor is in the centre of the brood area.

How to graph the brood temperature

To review the brood temperature in your hive, log in to your ARNIA account with your username and password. Select the brood temperature icon on the hive you wish to review and enter.

brood temp

The graph below shows an example of brood temperature becoming unstable.

unstable brood

Unstable brood temperature can have a number of reasons which can warrant a physical inspection of the hive. However, the brood temperature data gives you a good indication of the queen status without opening up the hive.

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