Setting or changing scheduled alerts

The Arnia system has a number of alerts set for events which are related to the system, hive and weather pack sensors.

These scheduled alerts will generate an email to the primary user of the account when the threshold is exceeded.

View Scheduled Alerts

To access the alerts do the following ;

  • Login to your account with your username and password
  • Select the ‘settings’ cog in the right hand corner
  • Select  ‘Scheduled Alerts’, and the following tab opens up ;
Scheduled Alerts tab

To set or remove the alert, select ON or OFF. By selecting ‘Specific monitors’ you can select a particular gateway or hive monitor for which you want to set the alert. Either use the default values supplied by Arnia or update them with your own requirements. Select ‘Apply’ and the alert will be set and/or updated.

Further information on how to use scheduled alerts, watch the following YouTube video