What type of batteries do the monitors use?

Type of batteries

The Gateway, Hive Scale and Hive Monitor units are all powered by  four ‘D’ cell 1.5v alkaline batteries.  We strongly recommend you use alkaline cells rather than rechargeable batteries. D-cells are relatively cheap batteries, available in most supermarkets and many other outlets.

How to change the batteries

Change your batteries in a dry environment or conditions to avoid any moisture getting in to the units. Ensure the lids are tightly screwed on after changing batteries to avoid any moisture ingress.

We have a YouTube video that shows you how to change your batteries.

Solar option

The gateway can be connected with a special lead to an external power supply e.g. a rechargeable Lead Acid battery (12V 6ah).

You can connect 12V 5Watts Portable a solar panel to charge the battery. For further information on procuring the lead, please contact sales@arnia.co.uk